Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Perhaps it's because I've lived away from so many people I love for so many years - but there are few things that give me greater joy than arrivals.

I adore my husband bounding into our apartment - head first, earphones in, looking as pleased to be home as I am to have him.

I adore seeing the friend I'm meeting for coffee turn around the corner and head up my street.

I adore watching the taxi cab slow to a stop; my mum with her colorful reading glasses and pixie cut hair staring out the window.

I adore having the cat make her first appearance of the day the minute I come home.

I adore seeing students fill up the assembly hall not completely sure what to expect.

I adore previews almost as much as I love the movie.

I adore the opener almost as much as I love the headliner.

I adore reading the playbill.

I adore opening the box.

I adore new beginnings.

I adore arrivals.

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