Sunday, July 19, 2009

i want

My grandmother believes that there are women roaming this earth who want for nothing. Either they have it all, or they are content with what they have. I disagree. I think every woman wants for something; but I also think that women are prone to keep their desires secret. Even the most daring, independent, well-educated woman has learned to buck up, stay quiet, and carry on. So in an effort to break that mold - one of which I most certainly fit - I thought I would write down just a few of my "I wants."

I want to learn French

I want to travel to Peru

I want to learn to play guitar.

I want to look out my window and see something green.

I want to be asked to sing for my supper.

I want to raise a child.

I want to teach yoga.

I want to live in Paris.

I want to have faith.

I want to be headache free.

I want to write a novel.

I want to have an occasion to wear a veiled pill hat and stockings with seams up the back.

Yes, I most certainly have the "I wants."

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