Monday, July 27, 2009

the other side of tomorrow

There was a little alcove with a window in our first apartment. It's where the desk sat - an old drafting table with sharp corners and a metal lamp. One night not long after we married, Chris and I sat side by side at the desk, looking over a calendar. After a few minutes, we circled a date with a bright red permanent marker. May 5, 2001; the day we would move to New York.

The date was still a long ways off but the time would give us a chance to finish school, get a little experience under our belts and save some money. Regardless it was concrete and indeed on May 5, 2001 - we grabbed the cat, packed a UHAUL, and began the long trek cross-country. After a few days on the road, we settled into a rail road apartment above a Chinese restaurant in Jersey City.

I can't believe that was over eight years ago. And truth is I still feel like that twenty-something year old girl, desperately in love with her husband, ready to take on the world, and experience life in a way she could only dream. And even now, all these years later, I am still restless to see what lies on the other side of tomorrow.

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