Thursday, August 13, 2009

keeping life small means keeping life simple

Some may think, it can't be easy living in New York City settling for laundromats, small apartments, and crowded subways, when one grew up having places to run, climb and explore. But truth is I've always had a thing for little.

As a girl my favorite spot was the 2' x 2' space between one wall and the desk in my bedroom. Under the window and over the heater vent, it was my nest; the place I read my books and wrote in my journals. I felt safe with my knees pulled up to my chest, and something sturdy behind my back.

During my first year of college, the dormitory phone hung in a cubicle on the lobby wall. Rather than standing, I crawled into the booth, using my feet and my back for leverage. There, suspended, I would make my calls.

Clutter is bothersome. I often want to discard excess tasks, items and to dos. And, keeping life small means keeping life simple. Sure, New York and I have our disagreements. Space isn't one of them.

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