Thursday, August 27, 2009

my new york family

It was five years before I could call New York home. And even now, eight years in, I have a love/hate relationship with this beautiful but sometimes unreasonably cruel city.

But on those awful days, when the heat is stifling, the subways are crowded, and I'm stuck in the rain without an umbrella, I think about my incredible New York family. The quirky and diverse folks that I have picked up along the way; the smart and funny women I met in book club; the compassionate yet ambitious crowd I discovered in the corners of my career; the talented and awe-inspiring artists in my husband's circle; and the beautiful and soulful individuals I've met in my congregation. These are the people that keep me honest, optimistic and forward-thinking. They are people who when my heart aches for missing my own family, shine light into the darkness.

I can't imagine my New York life - nor any life - without them.

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