Tuesday, October 20, 2009

rough days

I'm officially spent. It's been a rough few days. The cat's been ill and I have been teetering between not sleeping at all one night to sleeping ten hours the next, only to wake up tired come morning. And after 16 lovely weeks of a sick-free pregnancy, I am nauseous. I'm hoping the nausea is short-lived and has as much to do with my uneven sleep schedule and fall's changing temperatures as it does with traditional pregnancy woes. But the jury's still out.

The wonderful news is within a week's time, my folks will be in New York. And even if it's only for a couple of nights, the sight of their sweet familiar faces will bring me more comfort and joy than I can express.

And yes the cat is well. It cost way too much to make her so and I recognize we will likely be unable to invest much in her continued health. But she has been our baby for the last twelve years, and I just could not bear losing her right now. Chris and I have been holing money away for sometime hoping to make a trip to Peru, but somewhere along the way we decided to start a family instead (we figure we can always trek to Machu Pichu with a child in tow in a few years.) The point being, our Peru money has been officially spent on the cat. Done. Finished. Yearly trips to the grandmas' Colorado homes will litter our vacation calendars for the next few years.

Truth is...that's not so bad.

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