Monday, November 30, 2009

my music lovin' explorer

Is it possible that my little boy already has favorites? He's definitely moving; not exactly kicking, as much as stretching, turning, sort of sloshing around. But he seems to be more active during certain moments than others. And I'm thinking if his movements are signs of what he likes then to date he digs Celtic music and stories of exploration. See, our little one was dancin' away to the dulcimer music at the 42nd Street subway station yesterday and was having quite a party as we watched a special about Dr. Robert Ballard (a deep sea explorer and research scientist, well known for his 1985 discovery of the Titanic) on 60 minutes. Yes, I think we might need to add 20 Leagues Under the Sea to the reading list.

These last few weeks of pregnancy have been dramatically different than the first. And I'm actually starting to feel and witness the miracle of my son's becoming; not only is he developing fingers and toes, a strong spine, and a beating heart; but a spirit, a soul and a personality.

And, I already love him more than I could have thought possible.

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  1. The love a mother has for her children is, in my opinion, the most difficult thing to explain, if not impossible. I have yet to find words that can best describe the magnitude of that kind of love.