Saturday, December 5, 2009

growing pains

The aches and pains have begun. It must have something to do with the kid-sized soccer ball that has settled just below my rib cage. I was excited to finally get a baby bump, but I had no idea that it would happen so suddenly and that I would be quite so pregnant so soon.

And the bump comes at a cost. As per the experts' recommendations, I have been sleeping on my left side. It was about two weeks ago that I started to feel a dull ache, that eventually became a sharp pain in my shoulder. I left the doctor's office last weekend with a diagnosis of "bicipitel tendinitis and mild rotator cuff syndrome." And though she said some physical therapy might help, more importantly I just needed to be conservative with my movements. Needless to say sun salutations have become exponentially more difficult.

The real pain however is related to my little one's actual growth. Having started off with a fairly flat stomach, my skin, ab muscles and hip flexors have had it pretty rough the last few weeks. There are times where I'm even sore to the touch. I suppose these are just growing pains. And yes, I am growing. In fact, I'm not quite sure how my petite frame is going to handle the next four months.

But along with all of the insomnia, pain and clumsiness that have accompanied my extra ten pounds, we have moved into a really beautiful part of the pregnancy. Chris and I can now actively engage our little one. We read to him and play music and call him by name. Even the cat, has started to cuddle up to my growing belly - as fascinated by the movement as we are.

I have had some amazing experiences in my 34 years. I've rode through the Teton back-country on horseback, climbed ancient Mayan ruins, spent days at sea, bought art in Paris, played dream roles on stage; but there is nothing quite so remarkable as experiencing this little one stretch, kick and somersault.

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