Tuesday, December 8, 2009

maternity wear

Clothes are not my friend this week. I have been a pretty solid size 2 petite since college and as such have been able to recycle the same wardrobe for over a decade. I think at some point this last year, I donned the same tweed suit to a conference that I wore to my first professional interview at the University of Utah (over twelve years ago!). I buy classic styles and as the daughter of any respectable textile salesman would do; I take remarkably good care of my clothes.

But the last few weeks have been difficult.

This stems from two primary issues. The first is that I am a miser. I just can't stomach the thought of buying clothes that I will only wear for a few months. This may not be our only child, but it may be our only pregnancy - and if so there just won't be another opportunity to model this season's Pea in the Pod trends.

The second reason is because I am a little convinced that as a petite woman, I should be able to get away with wearing my regular clothes. Thank God for Chris who convinced me the other day as I was heading out the door to change my blazer. He refrained from telling me that I looked like a ten pound ham in a five pound bag, but I'm sure it's what he was thinking.

The truth is the only thing I find more lovely than my round belly is the gorgeous little boy it cradles. But this belly, attached to my frame? I still do a double-take every time I walk past a full-length mirror.


  1. Cute. Just WAIT until you're 9 months. I didn't show much until 7 months but now at 40 plus weeks, I do a triple take every time I see my reflection. I am actually enjoying this stage much more than any. I look very pregnant (not like the ham you describe, and I remember that well!)

    I found several wonderful, generous girlfriends who gave me their clothes. Do you have any petite friends who can give you their maternity wear? If not, go to Target or Motherhood Maternity and get a few staples. I found I wore the same things over and over, and who cares? You are so right, you don't need a lot and why waste money on too many clothes you will wear for a short time. Some jeans, black pants, and a few oversized sweaters and you'll be fine.

    Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. It is so incredible what happens to your body (wonderous and amazing and a bit surprising!)
    All the best- Julie Phillips

  2. Angela--This blog is such a great legacy! Trust me, we started one when Caleb arrived and it stopped with this last entry..."What an exciting day, Caleb took his first steps! Yes, he is walking at just 10 months 16 days!"

    Humm...with boys it never stops after that one!

    All the best, Sandy