Friday, December 11, 2009

please don't hurt my feeelings

People seem to forget, when speaking with a pregnant woman, that you should never call a fat girl fat. Perhaps it's because I was so tiny before I became pregnant. Or perhaps people just forget to turn on their censors first thing in the morning, but I find comments like, "are you sure there's only one heart-beat?" heart-breaking. I'm five feet two and weighed less than a hundred pounds five months ago, does one really think that 10 or 15 pounds is going to go unnoticed?

I wake up in the morning feeling beautiful. Even after a restless night, I look in the mirror and stare awe-struck at how my body has expanded and evolved to cradle my son. And yet, an hour later once leaving the safe and restful retreat of my home- my bubble's burst and I question my transformation; have I gained too much weight? do i look uncomfortable? am I ugly? The rational side of me knows the answers to these questions - but I'm not always rational. Especially these days.

People just don't realize the power of their words; especially on first-time expectant mothers souped up on emotions and hormones.

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  1. You truly are beautiful Angie. I was 96 lbs. when I was first pregnant with Chris and at 5 feet, I too seemed like all belly. Your Mom, being small as well, was probably the same. Perhaps those who make tasteless comments about your pregnancy are not insentive, but rather just saying something to say something and would never hurt you intentionally. You are over half way with changes you will only experience another few months. Changes that are both wonderfully exciting and difficult at times; but changes you will find hard to remember as time passes and your little boy grows up. Don't let the comments of others take away from the remaining cherished months.