Saturday, January 23, 2010

the actor

This blog is titled "The Actor's Wife" for obvious reasons. Chris is an actor. But I'm afraid the descriptive word - and yes I know the word "actor" is highly descriptive and brings all kinds of ideas to mind - is far too simple and doesn't even come close to encompass who he is.

The last two days have been what I would call "bad days" when compared to the really lovely pregnancy I've had. As you can tell from my last post I have been wallowing in self-pity; feeling awkward, ugly, and ever so tired. There are just so many things I want to do in these last few weeks of pregnancy and come the end of the day, I have energy for little else than lifting my feet up on the ottoman and drifiting in and out of sleep. But Chris is holding everything together and making sure that we continue to propel forward and get things done.

Yesterday, he took me to the Container Store to buy, I don't know, a dozen containers, to organize the pantry. He also took me to FAO Schwartz where we went googly-eyed over the fancy toys and clothes (far too fancy for our rough and tumble boy who will be raised on a bohemian budget).

Chris is the one who introduced me to Dr. Oz's pregnancy shake. He's even willing to sip one alongside me - fish oil, hemp protein and all. Chris is the one who discovered BabyPlus which is currently strapped to my belly - tapping out specially composed sounds, meant to encourage brain development and self-soothing.

Yes, my Chris is an amazing artist. He analyzes a script like no other actor I've come across. He has an amazing command of the English language, is a wizard at dialects, and a brilliant story-teller. He is remarkably handsome - one of those lucky enough to become more so with age, he's tall, broad, athletic and what we like to call ethnically ambiguous; mistaken as Greek, Latino, Spanish, Egyptian, Pakistani, Iranian - none of which he is.

And, I am enamored of him. Every bit as much today as I was when I stumbled into an acting class for which he was the T.A. some 15 years ago.

I won't pretend that being married to an actor/writer in New York City is easy. It's not. There's one "Yes" for a dozen "No's" and there's often been uncertainty about the future. But truly, Chris' career (or mine for that matter) is just one sliver of the life we've made together. And it's a life I wouldn't trade for the world.

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