Sunday, January 10, 2010

birth plan

The only thing that really frightens me about labor and delivery is having an unnecessary c-section. Now, I know they serve a purpose. And if either I or my little boy are in distress, well have at it. But I also think c-sections are sometimes the quick fix to long labors and overcrowded maternity wards.

See, I'll only have a few weeks at home before returning to work. And during that period, I want to spend time with Chris and our new baby. Learn to breast-feed. Sleep (when possible). Establish a routine. And, start getting back into shape. And I just know that all of those things will be harder, if not impossible, should I be recovering from major surgery.

So why not a home birth? And the answer is easy: have you ever tried fitting a kiddie pool inside a New York apartment? Okay, that's not really the reason. The truth is: this whole birthing process is a brand new thing for me and quite frankly I'm not ready to go into the great unknown without my defense shields fully engaged. I just want some balance and when possible, to do this thing on my own terms.

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  1. Having a baby in your life is the single greatest event you will encounter. You posted yesterday your life is defined by one giant love affair and I guarantee you - this will continue, even deeper, with the birth of your child.

    I don't claim to know the circumstance behind you worrying about delivering via c-section, but without pre-existing causes, you have little about which to worry. Good luck to you and to your Mr. in this next stage of your journey.