Sunday, January 17, 2010

the direction we sail

You may ask, "How have things changed since finding out you were pregnant?" This is my answer:

The three of us (my husband, me and the wee one) are in a boat, tethered to a dock, waiting to set sail. And we've been given the go ahead to travel in any direction we choose. To the east, we find rough waves and dark clouds - but it's rumored that on the other side of the storm is great fortune. To the west, we find clear skies and calm waters. There is no treasure to be found, but we can swim, fish and explore. We can watch the sun set beyond the horizon and hear the dolphins sing to us at night.

In the past Chris and I might don our life-jackets and head out into the unknown; willing to take the risk with the promise of reward. But, today I find myself compelled to sail the other direction. Fame, success, and personal accomplishment have much less draw on me now.

This is how things have changed.

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  1. We went south and that made all the difference. [When is the due date? Enjoy every second!]