Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I've been feeling a little light-headed the last two days. Chris thinks it's because I'm not eating enough. I disagree.

The funny thing about pregnancy is that if it's not one thing it's another. Still no complaints. I've had it so easy. You might even say I am one of those women who loves being pregnant. Nonetheless, there hasn't been a day in the last 4 to 6 weeks where I haven't had one complaint or another. Fortunately they don't all come at once. My sleeping habits have improved just in time for the little one's kicks to become more frequent and powerful (sorry Pops, I think we might have a strong forward vs. a first baseman on our hands). And now it seems that the stomach stretching has ceased just in time for the dizziness to make an appearance.

Last night I actually fell. I was with my girlfriends, heading to the subway station after Book Club. And I just lost my balance. Fortunately, I walked away this time with little more than a scraped knee and a bruised ego, but I'd be sick had I landed belly first.

I can't promise Chris I'll eat more, but I can promise to stand a good foot away from the train tracks. At least, if I falter, I'll only be five feet two inches away from the ground. And hopefully some kind Sumaritan will be close by to pick me up and assess the damage.

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