Tuesday, January 26, 2010

shortness of breath

I hate that this blog has become where I ramble on about my latest ailments - but it seems that these last two months of pregnancy are going to be a lot about what new ache or oddity plagues me throughout the day. Again, for the record - I realize that I have had a breeze of a pregnancy, so note that I observe each of these pains and inconveniences with a comical rather than critical eye. I see them as no more than the toll I must pay to travel along this side of my journey.

So what have I discussed so far? The fatigue (which was really more a culprit during the first and second trimester); the insomnia (which I am delighted to say has passed. It takes a while to get comfortable enough to fall asleep, but once I do I'm sleeping through the night); the herniated navel/abdomen pain (which I am at peace with, knowing the pain will continue as long as my belly grows - which it must do). My newest ailment is shortness of breath which I attribute to two things: a cold and my compromised lung capacity. There are times of the day that this little one decides to ride pretty high. And my body right now is a little like Manhattan real estate - it's all about square footage and there's only so much to go around. And I'm afraid, my baby has declared eminent domain and cheated my lungs out of what was rightfully theirs until seven or eight months ago.

My sweet husband wrote in his blog (Daddy's Home) that I was handling this pregnancy with elegance. I don't feel very elegant - coughing, waddling and complaining. But I hope I have made every attempt to recognize my good luck and to keep smiling.

And just for anyone who hasn't been keeping up. We're set to have this little one in ten weeks. That's right in ten weeks, Chris and I are going to be parents.

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