Friday, February 5, 2010


I am genuinely awe-struck at people's generosity.

There was a knock on the door last night. It was our neighbor's daughter. She gave birth to a little boy about six months ago. She was standing at our doorstep with a big red suitcase full of baby clothes, caps, mittens - even a couple of unused pacifiers. I couldn't believe it. I asked her if I could pay her - she said absolutely not, only that I pay it forward.

And she wasn't the first. After hearing that I was pregnant, my colleague showed up at work one day with a bag full of maternity clothes; a pair of slacks, a blazer and a winter coat. My sister-in-laws are fabulous. After reading my blog about maternity wear, Chris' sister hit the thrift stores and arrived at my in-laws over the Christmas holiday with some amazing finds. My brother's wife is sending a box of cloth diapers in the mail. And while having a lovely dinner at our friends' home a few weekends ago, we received a sling, a baby bjorn and some other goodies.

It just gives me hope. I mean here we are in a world where violence is surging up all around us. Our country is horribly divided as a result of archaic partisan politics. Rarely is anything accomplished at the macro level. But, if you take a microscope and observe individual lives, you will find beautiful acts of love, generosity and forgiveness. And all of this is independent of race, religion, politics, party, ethnicity - just good people doing good things.

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