Sunday, March 14, 2010


Today I have energy. Yesterday was rough. My poor feet, which are short and fat to begin with (not my best feature), are horribly swollen and my once quite lovely little ankles (a much better feature) have since disappeared into my calves. And quite frankly walking is uncomfortable. I do it anyway. I still try to get in at least a 20 minute walk each work-day. But, yesterday, I just couldn't bare the thought of heading out into the rain in the one pair of shoes that still fit. It was a lazy day. 

This morning, however has been different. With a little bit of energy, I've been able to throw in a load of laundry, put away my little one's new books, and even take a minute to blog. I don't think it will be enough energy to push me through the whole getting dressed and going into Manhattan for the 10:00 service, but there are a number of smaller things I would like to accomplish - which I think just might be possible.

I envy those women who have a couple of months at home before their babies are born. I imagine it gives them time to scrub the floors, clean the windows, re-organize the closets.  Perhaps the ritual of it all helps set the tone for what's to come. But quite frankly,  I don't have the time, or when I do - it's not how I want to spend it. Chris is also swamped; working long hours at the network, keeping up with the theatre company, and writing when he can. So we're making due and taking on one project at a time.  I have no complaints. Despite the awful economy we have both been working. And we love what we do. Housework can wait.

The one remarkable luxury we will have is time together after the baby is born. Chris' transition to full-time dad mode coupled with my three months of maternity leave will allow us to bond with our baby, tackle some projects, and who knows maybe even learn a thing or two. We have both been wanting to brush up on our French and imagine that the next few months might be a good time to do it. Not to mention we would love our little boy to hear two languages in the home. And, since Chris doesn't speak a word of Dutch and I can only swear in Serbo-Croatian, our options are endless.

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  1. So jealous of your 3 months of maternity leave1