Tuesday, March 2, 2010

making time

It's time to recommit. The last two or three weeks, I have been lax about a few things. I do have an excuse (though not a great one); my body has gone through a serious transformation since early February. I have gained more weight and my little one is riding considerably lower than he did earlier in the pregnancy.  There's a lot of pressure on my pelvis, my back aches, and my hands and feet, though not swollen, feel tight and uncooperative. Walking in and out of subway stations has become more of a challenge and I  have no interest in wearing anything other than pajama bottoms and over-sized T-shirts; this coming from a girl who always prided herself on being pretty "put together."

As a result of all of this, I have not been as committed to my fitness routine in recent weeks - or to my morning routine in general. But that's going to change as of today. I only have a little time left before the big day and I don't want to spend it on the couch watching Judge Judy. As I tidy up other aspects of my life (i.e. wrapping up major work projects etc.) I'll have more time and energy to reflect on how I need to prepare for our son's arrival. This includes a re-commitment to a regular fitness routine, eating well, and finding time for meaningful rest and reflection.

It will also help me re-invent a life with structure. Chris and I are going to have to create a rock-steady schedule. And it's important that we can carefully identify what we value most before creating it. Perhaps this next month can be a practice run...if I can't make time to read, meditate, practice yoga, eat good whole foods now, I most certainly won't make time to do those things once he's born.

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