Monday, March 8, 2010

the maternity belt

It's an engineering wonder and will likely get me through the next few weeks.

If you've been following my blog, you know I was hit with my first real bout of pregnancy woes in mid-February. Sure I had felt sorry for myself (tired, unattractive) long before then but I had been in little pain and suffered from few ailments. But, my body gave up on me at about 8 months and decided she'd had enough. I began having fairly uncomfortable practice contractions - also known as Braxton Hicks- and my back began to ache. Then our little one dropped and found a nice cozy place in the curve of my pelvis, and there were days I was having a difficult time rolling out of bed.

A couple of things have helped: exercise, the pilates ball, massage. But, the real life saver is my maternity belt. Now let me just say, my advanced degree did nothing to prepare me for strapping on this contraption. And, I think it gave me glimpse of what women went through in the days of corsets. There are three parts: under-belly, lower back, and over-belly support. And what these three, heavily velcroed pieces do is literally lift up my growing abdomen giving relief to my back and pelvis. It also protects my skin (now almost translucent it's so thin), from going through too much more wear and tear.

When paying it forward in a few months, I will reserve this hand-me-down for someone very special.

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