Tuesday, March 9, 2010

my book clubbies

Perhaps I've already written part of this story. If so, you'll have to humor me as I tell it again. About six years ago I was feeling a little lost. The irony of NYC is this - though highly over-populated it can easily be one of the loneliest places to live. I had Chris of course, but Chris had settled into the theatre community. And though there's a certain turnstile phenomenon that happens in that world, meaning your circle of friends changes with each new play or project, he had it nonetheless.

It was taking me longer to find my niche.

So as cliche as this may sound I started checking out craigslist and stumbled upon a book club posting. The first few meetings brought out the crazies. But what finally happened was what started as maybe ten or twelve folks, slowly turned into six or seven and voila, I had found my New York community: an amazing group of strong, accomplished, smart, and funny women (and one man - when Mario joins us) that talk about everything from politics, to religion, to pop culture, to sex.

And last night I show up at my friend Julie's house, and to my surprise I find that my book clubbies have organized a book-themed shower. They even served a One Fish. Two Fish. Red Fish. Blue Fish cake. 

I have a wonderful family. But they are thousands of miles away. And I do think, as a result, Chris and I have aimed to create a surrogate a little closer to home. Something that we know will always be there. And I genuinely feel that way about these incredible women.

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