Wednesday, April 21, 2010

a good day for a baby

A friend pointed out that I often post when I'm having a "bad day." And she's right. I suppose that on most days I am more likely to spend my time relishing in my good luck and many blessings, and less likely to blog. But I do need to keep my readers, whoever they are, abreast of all the fabulous things happening in our lives.

So let me tell you a little about the last two days, each of which (as my mum would say) proved to be "a good day for a baby."

Yesterday, Chris and I took our little man to visit our rockstar of a family physician. She's a tiny thing, originally from Colorado with just enough "crunch" to support some of our unorthodox ways but enough common sense, education, and good ol' smarts to point us in the right direction. During our appointment we learned that our little guy is now nine pounds - proof that my breast-feeding efforts, however tiring, are successful.

The day was followed by, get this, five hours of good sleep. Three of which were completely uninterrupted. Chris and I discovered the wonders of Dr. Karp's Happiest Baby on the Block and after 24 hours we feel like a couple of baby whisperers. As I'm getting ready to embark on another night, I'm anxious to see if we are able to enjoy a repeat performance.

Today, the little guy and I made our way into the city to visit my colleagues. I had intended to stay for an hour, but spent half the day at the office. Sure I did a little work, but most of the afternoon was spent making introductions. And, I was reminded of how truly wonderful the people are with whom I work. I left, shall I dare say, a little excited about getting back to business in a couple of months?

I then came home to a package from our friend Di. It was a box of This Chick Bakes cookies. Perfection. I just split the vegan ginger molasses with Chris, and I'm in heaven. And this is coming from a girl who loves her butter!

So yes, I imagine it's been a good day or two to be a baby. It certainly has been good to be his mom.

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