Friday, April 23, 2010

my fortune

Many years ago, I sat down with a fortune teller. I was with my mum and grandmother (both always up for an adventure) and the three of us decided it would be fun for me to see what was in store. Truth is I had always been a little fascinated by the idea of fortune-telling. After all, I have gypsy blood and certainly a gypsy spirit, and though not really a "believer" find the idea of fate a bit intriguing. In any case, my cards were read. I don't remember all that the soothsayer said and I'm sure if I did I would realize that his words were merely the crazy rants of a con artist. It was, after all, for "entertainment purposes only." But one thing he did say has remained true. He said it was unlikely that I would have great fortune, however, I would live a life overflowing with love.

I look at my life right now: my husband; my son; our quirky Astoria flat; our careers; our smart, funny, and talented friends; our uncompromising and uniquely loyal family and I know that however cliche, my cup overfloweth. And if my life is the product of a fate that could have been foreseen 15 years ago, or just the way things turned out - I am blessed beyond measure.

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