Sunday, April 18, 2010

rocking chair

Wednesday was Chris' last day at work. He is officially in "Stay at Home Dad" transition mode. He said he is going to celebrate by buying a T-shirt that reads DILF (if you know what that stands for great...if you don't find a sexy soccer mom, ask for a "MILF" translation and calculate the difference.)

In any case, there's no turning back now - mama's going to be the official bread-winner. This has always been the plan. I am after all the one with the most predictable career, the steadiest position, not to mention the insurance. Besides, I love my job. But it's going to be hard to go back to work- harder than I anticipated. I will miss the smell of my little man's head, and the time that passes where we do nothing but make faces at one another. This is why I needed a rocking chair. I needed to create a place that was uniquely ours. That we could settle into each night; to nurse, read and cuddle.

So, on Friday we found a lovely wicker chair at Ikea. We paired it with a charming little end table we picked up off the street a few weeks ago. And already I feel better. More prepared for the weeks and months ahead.

I also find that having a place reserved for "baby" time - keeps me more attentive to the activity at hand. It's a reminder to be fully present.

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