Thursday, May 20, 2010


Chris had a 10:00 skype meeting with his writing partner this morning so it was a perfect opportunity for me and my little guy to go for a walk and return some library books. Now my thought was we're going to the library. I was wearing jeans and a hoodie, no reason my little boy couldn't wear a pair of footsie pajamas. Besides are they really pajamas on a 9 week old?

Well just as we were finished getting dressed, Chris walked into the nursery and started to laugh. "He looks like a circus clown." He chuckled. And staring down at my little boy, I realized that yes, he did look a little silly. How could he not in polka dots and bear slippers? So of course, I began to laugh.

Then there was the softest "coo" sound coming from the changing table. And as I looked down again at my little boy, he was smiling and cooing and gurgling.  It wasn't his first laugh, but it was one of the first uninitiated laughs. Usually, either Chris or I are doing something completely ridiculous in a sad attempt to be entertaining. No in this, case, my little guy just thought something was funny.

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