Wednesday, May 5, 2010


The little one is sleeping like a champ. This of course, means two to three hour stretches (he is primarily a breastfed baby after all) but those stretches are a life-saver for this overtired mama.

We decided not to co-sleep. At least not exclusively. We live in an open railroad apartment, and though the nursery is a separate room it's just steps away from our own, and we can hear even his cooing from our bed. That said, our little one is a bit of a "cuddle bug" and will often open his eyes right before he drifts off to sleep, just to make sure that one of us is near. So Chris is often in charge of the "transfer" from bed to crib, once the little one has gone to sleep. If I had my way, I would practice attachment parenting, and he'd be with me 24/7, but everyone I've spoken to (new and old mommies alike) say if we can avoid the sleep training that is bound to come at some point, we should.

So we have a sysem that seems to work most nights. My little one and I sing and read stories and spend a lot of time just checking each other out. I love that he makes and keeps eye contact now. He rarely doesn't look at me while nursing making it darn near impossible to multi-task - not such a bad thing. And when he falls asleep, I can't help but kiss him once for everyone that loves him.

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