Wednesday, May 12, 2010

snapshot of our lives

This last weekend (my first mother's day) I requested that we have a technology fast. The fast included Blogspot, Facebook,  email and mindless television. We did, however allow ourselves to watch a video (I finally  saw Ang Lee's Lust/Caution). We also turned on Betty White's Saturday Night Live appearance. OK, SNL is fairly mindless but Betty White was worth the break.

Anyway, the fast was part of the reason for my failure to blog.

Also, over the past two days, Chris and his writing partner (who normally resides in Paris) were frantically re-working a new script in preparation for the Palm Springs International Film Festival next month. Their short, Wink of an Eye, was selected as part of the festival's line-up nd it will be a great opportunity to pitch pending projects.

While the guys were working, my little guy and I decided to escape our story-board/index card littered apartment and head up to Morningside Heights. We spent yesterday afternoon with my Columbia colleagues. It was great to catch up with people I adore but rarely see.

Chris' partner has since returned to Paris, and we are looking ahead at my last month of maternity leave. We've started a list of things we would like to do (the Bronx Zoo, the Botanical Gardens, the High Line, and maybe the beach). But in truth, I imagine it's important for the three of us to work on our new schedule. Prepare for the transition ahead.

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