Tuesday, June 8, 2010

first trip

Last night we returned from our four day trip to Raleigh, North Carolina where both my grandparents and my uncle's family live. It was the little guy's first train ride and his first introduction to extended family. Needless to say (well, minus the twelve hour train ride) it was a great trip.

Family has always been important to me. Despite the ten years in New York, little time passes between phone calls and video chats. And after each opportunity for a little face time, we start planning the next event. My mum taught me that it's always easier to get by knowing you have something to look forward to. And now, that my little guy is here, the role of family is even stronger. In fact, there are times where I experience almost a sense of urgency where Chris and my parents and grandparents and siblings are concerned. We want them to witness each milestone and it's hard living thousands of miles away. But we'll do the best we can.

I did think it might be interesting (to whom I don't know) to hear about how one packs an eleven-week old for a four day vacation.

The little guy is wearing disposable diapers (his cloth diapers are still too big). So we planned for six diapers a day in addition to what was already in both my and Chris' everyday bags. So we ended up taking about 30 to 35 diapers. Eck, you can put us right up there in line with BP for contributing to the environmental apocolypse.

We packed three changes of clothes for each day (just to be safe). Fortunately, we needed little more than onesies in the North Carolina weather. We also took socks, a sun hat, a raincoat and three sleep shirts.

Though grandma was very sweet and offered to make up a bed for him in one of her dresser drawers, we opted to take the SnuggleNest/ co-sleeper.

The travel system (including both the car seat and the stroller) were in tow; along with the Mei Tai carrier, a black and white book, cameras, Chris' laptop, sunblock, and a couple of bottles just in case we got in a pinch and needed to supplement while on the road.

And yes, Chris and I had our own clothes, books and a bag full of fruit, sandwiches and granola bars for the train.

It wasn't that long ago that we could throw everything we needed in two backpacks...parenthood. 

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