Monday, June 21, 2010

greatest hits

Chris and I are watching Lost- all six seasons. It's become sort of the thing we do: choose a series and watch either a season, or in some case the whole run over a short period of time. In the past we have watched Arrested Development, The Tudors, and Dexter this way. Still on our list are The Wire and Big Love.

In any case, for now it's Lost. And a few nights ago we watched the episode where Charlie created his Greatest Hits list. And I thought - not a bad idea. So here is my Greatest Hits (at least that come to mind in this moment; I know there are many others.)
  1. Receiving my piano on Christmas morning.
  2. Swimming in Turtle Cove.  
  3. Eating Pringles in a field of wildflowers after riding horseback all morning through the Teton back-country. 
  4. Dix telling me that every good thing he would accomplish moving forward would be because I listened.
  5. Feeding my little guy for the first time, and having him reach up, grab and hold onto the pendant around my neck.

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