Saturday, June 12, 2010

how's mama?

During yesterday's "Mommy and Me" yoga class, the instructor asked how I was doing. And I didn't hesitate for a moment when answering, "Great." And it's true, mama's doing great.

Chris and I finally joined the gym. We had been working out at home, but were too easily distracted by the baby, housework or each other. The great thing about our gym is that we have a pool and we both love to swim. I think I even enjoy it more than yoga. It's a solitary and contemplative sport that challenges every aspect of your physical self: your body, your heart and your mind. And, it's the perfect way to start the day.

I still hope to regain my pre-pregnancy body. I've lost most of the weight, but what I had has been redistributed. I spent a fair amount of my teenage years being very uncomfortable in my own skin. And, it wasn't really until my early adulthood, that I learned to appreciate, and take care, of my body. I don't need to be bikini ready, but I would like to rediscover that confidence.

I'm also trying to find a little time each morning to, call it what you will, "think", "meditate", "pray." It helps me recognize the "good" in my life, of which right now, I have an abundance. This time also helps me sift through the crap and figure out what's really important. I am so weighed down by stuff, expectation, and obligation, that without time to reflect -  I might lose track of my core. I can't let that happen. Especially now.

But yes, I feel great. How could I not?

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