Monday, June 28, 2010


"How are you doing?" is a commen question. It's as if folks fully expect me to be dragging myself through the city with tired eyes and unwashed hair barely able to stay awake through a lunch meeting, much less the entire day. But truth is, I'm doing well. The emotinal toll of my "working mom" status is pretty steep, but my energy levels are good and for the most part I'm staying alert and efficient while at the office.

The good thing is that I'm sticking to my anticipated routine. Up a 5 or 5:30. Feed and cuddle Turtle. Swim at 6:00. Back at the apartment by 6:45. Shower. Dress. "Wear" the little guy while I go about the rest of my morning until I leave at 8.

The evening looks fairly similar. Home by 6:30 (late summer hours). Feed and cuddle Turtle. Eat dinner, watch a little TV (we're in the middle of LOST season 5). Hang out with the cat and my boys. To the nursery by 9:00 (Chris has the rest of the night "to himself" to write, go to the gym etc.) Bathe the little one, nurse, read and wind down. Turtle and I are usually asleep by 10:00.

I attribute my success at being a working mom to Chris' success at being a stay at home dad. Of course, I would rather be at home with my boys - but I would also rather we were living on sailboat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean - so what I'd rather do is pretty insignificant in light of the bigger picutre.

The thing is when I leave, whether it's for a 20 minute swim or an eight hour work-day, Turtle's in good hands. Chris is dressing him, cuddling him and "wearing" him. They're watching soccer and reading stories. Chris is ensuring that our little guy is getting whatever bit of "mommy's milk" is left from the day before, and supplementing with only the best.

I've always said it's easier to go through life "two by two." But I lied. I really dig being a part of a trinity.

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