Wednesday, June 16, 2010

working mom

I'm officially a New York City working mom. I went back to the office on Monday. It's been a rough two days, if only because I just don't have enough time. Not enough time for myself, for Chris, for my little guy. I quickly see my priorities changing. For example, housework is really overrated. Obviously the apartment can't be a pigsty, but if the laundry remains clean and folded in the bag rather than in our drawers. Well, so be it. I say, until we have guests - what's the difference?

The first morning I left the house, my boys looked like absolute angels. The Dutch were playing in the World Cup and as  I walked out the door, Chris was sitting on the couch, dressed in orange, with our son balanced on one knee. The little guy's eyes were wide. He loves time with his daddy and fortunately, he's too little to know that I was doing much more than going out for the mail.

Today will be especially rough because I'm hosting an evening event and won't be home until close to 8. Just thinking about being away from my family that long makes me nauseous. Not to mention the logistics; i.e. exactly when am I going to pump between the hours of 3 and 7 when it's expected I'll be presenting to a 200 person audience?

I guess these are things I'll figure out but at this hour, feel a little overwhelming.

It's worth it. And I have enjoyed being back in my workspace, interacting with my colleagues, using my problem-solving skills in a different way. But I won't the end of the day I'm just itching to come home to my boys.

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