Wednesday, July 14, 2010

cloth diapering (in action)

People seem a little amazed that we're cloth diapering. I guess it's something that a lot of folks want to do, but just can't wrap their heads around. So I thought an occasional update was a good idea.

I'm pleased to announce that to date we have had cloth diapering success. Now this may be easy for me to say given that Chris is the primary care giver, but I take on most of the evening routine and we share weekend responsibilities. So I've had my share of dirty diapers. And so far so good.

As with everything else, it's about finding what works and sticking with it. Early on, Chris developed a system to combat the excessive wipe situation. We bought what seems like hundreds of white washcloths at IKEA, died half of them blue (as a way to identify them as the poop rags). We also bought half a dozen square Tupperware, that perfectly hold a folded washcloth. When it comes time to wipe down the Turtle, we fill the Tupperware full of warm water, and with a designated "poop rag" take care of business. Again, it's an attempt to be mindful of the environment. It also was a good way to avoid buying a wipe warmer, which would just be one more ridiculous thing to add to the ridiculous amount of stuff you acquire as a new parent.

A system, of some kind, is also the best way to cloth diaper. As you already know, we are paper diapering on the road because I can't handle carrying around a bag full of soiled cloth...yes, even I have my limits. But at home, we have covers, wet bags, and a diaper pail that really make the whole process manageable. And the laundering isn't bad. We only have to do more of it. We do a rinse out each night then Chris does a full load mid-week, and I do a full load on Sunday mornings. Ideally, we would have a washer and dryer in our home and we could do a load every night - but it's New York.

Anyway, it's not torture. Far from it. I think you just have to invest in the right products, take the time to learn the basics and develop a system. As I keep saying, "People have been doing this parenting thing for ages with considerably fewer resources than we have. So we should be able to figure it out."


  1. Wonderful post! Thanks for sharing so much Angela, it's fantastic to read!


  2. Truly helpful post for those of us hopeful to save the world one dirty diaper at a time!