Sunday, July 4, 2010

cloth diapering

There are a number of reasons to cloth diaper, though I respect those who choose not to. Truth is, I think we might have given up, had we not attended yesterday's class at Metro Minis. Cloth diapering is not quite an art, but certainly a skill. It's about having the know how, the tools and the confidence to make it work.

New Yorkers, especially have it rough. Few of us (or at least those in my circle) have washers and dryers at home. So, like the rest of the laundry, the diapers have to be carted to the laundromat. In our case, that's just across the street, though we have lived where the nearest laundry was a good 5 blocks away.

But it's worth it. For me, it seems like the "right" thing to do. Right for the environment, right for my baby, and in line with the kind of lifestyle we aim to live.

So how does the cloth diapering thing work. Well, in our case, we received a box full of pre-cut, contoured diapers from my sister-in-law. They had been passed on to her and she passed them on to us. Now, at first, we were confused. We thought they were an all-in-one system and became frustrated when they began to feel wet so fast. We learned at yesterday's class that what we had was in fact part of a two-part system (so that's why there were a few covers in the box). So we left Metro Minis with a couple of extra diaper cover/wraps (we invested in two wool covers; naturally water-proof and fundamentally self-cleaning) and some pre-folds to supplement what we already have. The pre-folds are in the wash as we speak.

It's a simple thing really. Cloth diapering. I mean, how hard is it to take a cut of fabric and wrap it around your baby's bottom. But like everything else, the options are overwhelming. Wool, cotton, silk, or synthetic? All-in-one, two pieces, pockets, velcro or snaps?  And of course, you get a group of cosmopolitan moms involved and it becomes about the label: Bum Genius? Bummis? Kushies? Thirsties? When in fact, they all do the same thing.

So we have what we have and we'll see how it goes. God bless us right?

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