Thursday, July 29, 2010

summer fridays

It's been a rough week. For the first time in four and a half months I'm tired. And, it has little to do with the Turtle. I work a four day week during the summers, which means Fridays off but longer Mondays - Thursdays. And for  someone who really needs her evenings at home to rejuvenate a lost hour or two plays it's toll. So, I try to recover those lost hours by staying up later, which means I have a more difficult time finding the energy to swim in the morning. So it's been the start of an ugly cycle.

I love Summer Fridays, but this year I seem to be paying a price.

But it's Thursday. And after hosting a major work event, I will come home and spend the weekend getting back on track. Tomorrow we're going to Mommy and Me Yoga. Saturday, Chris, the Turtle and I are meeting our Lamaze Class friends at Central Park. So though it will be an active weekend, my little family should have plenty of time to play and cuddle and nap.

Hopefully by Monday I will have found some much needed rest and be ready to recommit to a more suitable routine.  What I need to remember is the healthier and happier and more alert I am, the better for my boys.

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