Thursday, August 19, 2010


It's my preview, my tax season, my hell week, my first year of residency. Yes, the start of a new academic year. My schedule is overflowing with events and littered with appointments. I have a dozen things on a to do list with no time to do.

And, the way my body and psyche respond is with a need for change. Maybe a change in style, diet or exercise routine. A change in the way I organize my books, my files or my time. Maybe I'll wear red; jewelry; open-toed shoes. Perhaps I'll buy flowers; color my hair; get a tattoo. If I could, I would learn to knit; speak French; play the guitar. But no time. I must aim for simpler things; nude lipstick, bangs; new patent leather pumps. Change. The promise of something uniquely mine to carry me through the next two weeks.

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