Sunday, August 8, 2010

my issue

My issue is with pumping. During the summers I spend almost 10 hours at the office - 4 days a week; which means that I should really be pumping 4 times a day. But do I? No. I just don't have time. Between meetings, appointments and office-sharing I'm lucky to get in two sessions. And this, of course has an effect on my supply. So I try to make it up on the weekends - as if it were a lactation vacation - and my body can't keep up. So I juggle a whole set of different feelings: anger, resentment, and disappointment. It would be different if I didn't love nursing - I know it's a struggle for some, but I've been lucky. And I have found those minutes every day as a I time to not only bond with my son, but to reflect, meditate and give thanks.

But pumping sucks (pun intended.) And it's the worst part of mommy-hood. I would easily trade in my Medela Pump for a pail of dirty diapers and twelve buckets of drool. Yes, I hate it. Not as much as I hate ketchup. But close. Very, very close.

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  1. Feel free to use my office for pumping anytime! Seriously! I can get you a key. (Or Francisco could go there, if you wanted to stay in your office.) I really hated pumping at work, too, but I made it my #1 priority because I felt that if I couldn't be with my Little One during the day, I was at least going to spend that day making milk for her! :) It will be easier once you are back to regular hours. Hang in there!

    And I love the sleep blog! (Thanks for the shout-out!) Did Turtle actually sleep through the night on the 5th?? That is awesome! Congrats!!