Sunday, September 26, 2010

everything else can wait

If you've been following the sleep log and stayed up on my posts, you'll see that the turtle's sleeping routine has shifted a bit. He has become a bit of a fighter. Though clearly tired, he does all that he can to stay awake. Even in our arms, he'll roll from side to side, arch his back and thrash his head around. And then, as if there was never any hesitation he drifts off. Once down, he tends to sleep like a champ. During the days, we can count on two to three good naps. And at night -well it varies - but yes for the most part, he "sleeps through."

We've still managed to avoid the dreaded "cry it out" method. I know it works for many and if there's one thing I've learned in the last six months it's not to judge.  But we have managed to keep the turtle on a fairly defined schedule without forcing the issue. I imagine our success so far has as much to do with his temperament as our parenting skills.

What I will say is that it's hard being away during the week, because I feel like each Friday night I need a tutorial on what to expect during the day. I get debriefed of the past week's routine. And then I do my best to follow suit on the days I'm home.

The routine has also made other aspects of our life a bit more difficult. Our church's service falls in the middle of a nap. Book club tends to meet weekday evenings when I need to get home. And some days the turtle wakes just as I'm leaving for the gym, hoping to grab an empty lane at the pool. But so it goes. In the end - most things can wait. There's always next Sunday. Good friends understand. And, I can swim tomorrow.

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