Sunday, September 5, 2010


So the turtle isn't all peaches and cream. Close, but he definitely has his moments. I think his teeth (or what will one day become teeth) are bothersome. His hands are always in his mouth (as well as anything else he can find: toys, blankets, burp rags). And Friday, after spending a good day with my mum (yes, grandma is in town!), the turtle took at cat-nap around 6:30pm, then woke up at 7:00 in less than good humor. Not wailing. He doesn't wail. But certainly whimpering.

And boy does he like to fight sleep. It's as if he just can't settle down and relax. Like he might miss something should he close his eyes. But we have our tricks. Some good music (lullabies a la U2 - thank you Carolyn, Pandora's Sleepy Time Radio, or a little Gypsy Jazz tend to the do trick), a little dancing, a little bouncing and he eventually relaxes. In fact, I can feel the change as he literally melts into my shoulder. And then I quickly forget that he can be a bit of a fusser-muffin.

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