Wednesday, September 22, 2010


The turtle loves  to give kisses. They are big, wet, sloppy kisses that absolutely melt my heart. The turtle also loves to be kissed. In fact he has a new game. It started this way. My little guy is easily distracted and as such often pulls away while nursing to tug on my collar, look around, maybe reach for the cat if she's nearby. Well, one day he pulled away and I leaned forward and kissed his nose. He thought that was the greatest thing ever. So he immediately went back to my breast, ate for a few minutes then pulled away and shot me a huge toothless grin. Like a fool, I kissed him again. And so it began...

If it weren't so darn cute I would have put an immediate end to it. The turtle has a hard enough time staying focused on the task at hand as it is.

I do wonder what he'll be like in a classroom (yes, this is the educator in me). Right now I imagine he'll be that student who will need constant stimulation. Remarkably curious, he'll want to touch and taste and experience every new thing. Oh his poor teachers. I should probably buy stock in an orchard - I think we'll be buying a lot of apples over the years.

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