Friday, September 17, 2010

six months

It's my turtle's half-birthday today.  There have been a number of milestones over these past six months but these are the things I find most remarkable.
  • He recognizes our voices and responds to the calling of his name.
  • He interacts with the cat. 
  • He "talks" to the grandmas and grandpas that live in daddy's computer.
  • He anticipates surprises and recognizes the start of familiar games. 
  • He rolls and he scoots.
  • He stands, if supported and sits up on his own.
  • He reaches.
  • He has developed a language. There is a particular "I love you" coo; an "I'm angry" shriek; a whimper that means, "I don't feel good;" and an "I'm tired" cry. 
  • He has a diverse diet to include: momma's milk, organic formula, rice cereal and bananas.
  • He sleeps through the night. 
  • He listens attentively to the reading of an entire story book.
  • He laughs at his own reflection. 
  • He cuddles. 
  • He gives kisses.
  • He knows that if there's music, we're probably going to dance.

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