Saturday, September 25, 2010

the turtle growls

The turtle growls. We're not sure where he learned it. We were at the Central Park Zoo with our Birth Class Buddies last week and we spent a considerable amount of time watching a playful, but very quiet, polar bear. We also witnessed  a pack (are they a pack?) of lemurs stand on their haunches and cry out in defense. It was a terrifying sound, but more of a hiss than a growl (photo of angry lemur above). Besides, the turtle's growl is not an expression of anger or frustration; maybe one of excitement. He growls when he sees something for the first time, when he's playing, or anticipating food. And the growl is just one of a full repertoire of sounds. He also gurgles. He whimpers. He smacks his lips. He shrieks and blows raspberries in the air. He has a whimper that will break your heart and a laugh that could make an ornery man smile.

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