Thursday, September 9, 2010

why i'm blue

I haven't written for a few days. I haven't felt great - sort of my m.o. after saying goodbye. So I thought today I would write about what's making me blue.

1) Miles: My mum was in town over the long weekend. We didn't do anything grand - went to brunch, did a little shopping, watched Monsoon Wedding. Mostly though, we hung out and played with the turtle. By far my favorite activity. I adore my mum and though we have been apart for years, saying goodbye never gets easier. And in fact, now that we have the turtle in our lives, goodbyes are all that much more difficult.

2) Headaches: I've been a migraine sufferer for almost 15 years. Though some are worse than others, they are almost always accompanied by numbness and changes in vision. But, strangely enough, I was headache free my entire pregnancy. Not one. Not even the hint of a headache anywhere in sight. Well they're back. Not like before, at least not yet, but annoying nonetheless. And by the way, there is a cycle - I feel blue, I get a headache. I get a headache, I feel blue.

3) Teething: Not me. Yes I have a full mouth of fully exposed, perfectly healthy teeth. The turtle on the other hand...well it just breaks my heart. He's miserable: frantically chewing on everything; rubbing blankets, rags, fingers and toys vigorously across his gums; whimpering in the middle of the night; slobbering non-stop. And there's little I can do to comfort him. Cuddle. Play. Sing. Distract.

So, I'm feeling a little blue.

Now that said, there are more things that make me smile than frown. Skype; Decaf; Quick commutes; Hand-me-downs; Early mornings; Vacation-planning; Netflix; and Time w/ my boys. Just to name a few.

I also try to remember to count my blessings. My Utah family has been on one hell of a roller coaster the last few weeks (you can read more about Jessi and her husband, Christian's remarkable story at Needless to say it all puts things in perspective. And reminds me to keep my grievances in check and to reserve my prayers for those who need it most.

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