Saturday, October 23, 2010

kickin' daddy out

Today the turtle and I are kicking daddy out of the house. Chris, a stay-at-home dad, by far has the more difficult job. So, I thought a few hours, baby-free, hanging out with grown-ups was a good idea. And the bonus; I get the turtle all to myself. On the agenda: naps, house-cleaning. card shopping, and a walk to the library. I've also started an inspiration journal- just a place to paste photos, articles, and phrases that inspire me to be gracious, live simply and love deeply. So, I may find some time to work on that. It's a good project during "play time" as the turtle has found a new love for paper; every kind imaginable from the paper cloth on a doctor's bench to the pages of a magazine.

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  1. Angela,
    I have so enjoyed reading your blog, and learning about your journey to and through motherhood. I only wish you were still working in the office next to me, so we could talk more often! We have had quite the baby boom in 403 Lerner, and it's a delight.

    The cleaning service we used is Maid Brigade:
    We have been very pleased, especially about the nontoxic aspect of it. The workers are lovely, and we like knowing that they are fairly paid.

    all best to you,