Monday, October 25, 2010

nap champ

I've spent a lot of time discussing the turtle's evening routine - or lack thereof. Yes, for the last few weeks we have experienced the good and the bad. And last night was our first taste of the ugly. My little guy easily fell asleep at 8:30 but woke up around 10:45 with no intention of falling back asleep. And boy was he angry. We tried everything, walking, nursing, bouncing to no avail. Finally at about midnight I put him in his carrier and did laps around the apartment. This finally settled him down...only to have a repeat performance about three hours later.

Fortunately, every aspect of his sleep schedule is not so challenging. In fact, I would say the turtle is my little nap champ.

Saturday was our day. We kicked daddy out of the house for a few hours (mostly because we thought daddy needed the break - not because we didn't want him around). And I spent the day just following the turtle's cues. And it was perfect. He took an hour long nap at 9:00am. Slept for two-plus hours at 1:00. And took a final 30-45 minute cat-nap at 4:00.

So sleep isn't the enemy. But I would love to know what is. Is he teething? Is he not getting enough to eat before bed? Is he too young to have night terrors? Needless to say, we've got some things to figure out.

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  1. Ang,

    I love reading your blog. I've been a little pre-occupied, but am glad I was able to catch up. You are such a gifted writer. I feel that I am experiencing Turtle's upbringing as if I lived in the city alongside you. I would love to see this lovely blog fashioned into a book for young mothers and fathers. Your viewpoint is so honest and refreshing. The book I was given was "What to expect when you are expecting" was valuable to us, an informative book with lots of important information. It lacked something lacked that human touch, the ups and downs, the we will try this and we will try that.... and the we will just figure it out eventually till something clicks. People always asked us how we raised our kids...and our pat answer was always .."we just made it up along the way." There is never a right or wrong way. Each child is different and I love the journey you and Chris are on as "you are making it up along the way" with the Turtle.

    Aunt Maria