Tuesday, October 5, 2010

pinching pennies

So it's time to start pinching pennies

See, spending or not spending says a lot about your priorities. I think about my own parents, making the decision to send my brother and me to private school. That decision, alone, speaks volumes about what they felt was important. And though, as a child, I never wanted for anything, I have no doubt certain sacrifices were made to ensure that we received the education we did.

I want to do no less for the turtle. And though Chris and I may or may not choose to send him to private school (that will depend largely on where we're living in a few years) I already see that how we spend our money speaks volumes about what we value (good food. books. traveling to and/or with family). We, in our old age, are beginning to understand the value of quality over quantity - I see it in the way we dress, what we choose to eat and how we choose to spend our time. Each moment, each decision, is weighed against an alternative - and then after careful consideration we move forward.

And yes, there are things I want. I want to provide the turtle with a good education. I want to experience new things, new cultures and new ideas as a family. I want my son to have relationships with his grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. I want to own a home. And despite my opinions about greed and excessive consumerism (and yes, I have opinions about these things) - I realize we will need money to accomplish our goals.

So it's time to start pinching pennies.

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