Friday, October 8, 2010


Thursday nights are hard. I work late and on some days, like yesterday, I work straight through. So I come home exhausted. Now my turtle has been home with his daddy all day, and is probably ready for some mommy time. And God knows I'm ready to give it. I want to come home, nurse, get in our PJs, go to bed, read a story then rock my little guy to sleep. But some days, the turtle has other plans. Last night he woke up frantic and I couldn't calm him. No matter what I did, walk, bounce, nurse, sing...he just screamed. And on any other night I could handle such an episode - but on a Thursday when I'm down to my last kernel of patience and running on empty the turtle senses my frustration and that plays a part in the meltdown. 

Last night, Chris was the hero. He took my little guy into the front room and calmed him while I got a few hours of sleep. And, even after a 2:00 and a 5:00 feeding, I'm feeling much rejuvenated this morning.

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