Monday, November 1, 2010

getting home

There are few things more frustrating than an unreasonably long commute. And I had one of those today.

I have become good at walking out the office door at 5:00. Sure there are some days when I linger; sending a final email, checking in with a colleague, organizing the next day's to do list. But, most evenings I have my act together and am ready to leave the day's work behind me.

And if I leave right at 5:00, then I can make it to my station in ten minutes. This means the likelihood of my catching my train by 5:20 at the latest is pretty good. And if I'm on the subway by 5:20 I'm home well before 5:45. But the slightest detour can throw everything off. There's no time to chat with the fruit vendor, window shop, or pick up fallen pennies (one of my favorite and slightly obsessive compulsive past-times). I have three missions: Get to the station. Get on the train. Get home.

And today was perfect. I had made it to the station in record time (even with a bum ankle). And so as I stood on an overcrowded platform, watching three trains go by, my optimism (and cheerful mood) was sucked into the concrete. Well over 40 minutes later an announcement was made that my train had been suspended (the dreaded signal error announcement) and that riders had to find alternatives. My alternative was a 7 block walk south to another line.

Tired, frustrated, and wanting nothing more than to cuddle with my boys and the cat; I walked in my apartment at 6:45. Ugh!

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