Monday, November 15, 2010

'nuffy nose

We're fighting our first cold. Poor thing has had a 'nuffy nose for the last two nights. And one doesn't realize what blessing it is to know how to blow until you see a little one fight congestion without that simple trick in his back pocket. So saline has become our best friend. The first go 'round of spraying it into his nose, then suctioning it out did not go well. However, now that the turtle has figured out that this little bit of discomfort leads to easier breathing, he willingly allows me to clear his nostrils.

We also bought a humidifier - something we had been meaning to do for months.

But of course it's Monday morning and not only am I desperate to stay home with my sick little boy, but I also have the sniffles and a sore throat (I'm assuming the full blown sneeze in mommy's face, which of course led to bursts of laughter, is the culprit for my current state.) But it's just not going to happen, not this week when I have far too much to accomplish before the Thanksgiving holiday.

So, it's times like these that I'm thankful Chris is a stay-at-home dad. At least I know my sick little guy is in good hands.

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