Sunday, December 5, 2010

christmas magic

We haven't had a Christmas tree since 2001; our first Christmas in New York. Since then we've spent most of the holidays away, usually back west- one year abroad. But even when we've been in NYC -  we just didn't want to rent a car, go to storage, pull down the lights, the ornaments and Christmas dishes. Too much work to plan. Too little square footage to decorate.

But now that we have the turtle. Well, needless to say, Christmas has taken on new meaning. And as my boys sit in the other room, fighting sleep and watching football, I write, a little drunk in the magic of a beautifully lit Christmas tree. And I can't help but remember pouring through the back pages of the Sears catalog with my brother, circling the toys we would highlight in our letters to Santa, or the mornings in front of the fire, tearing through red and green tissue.

Yes, this is just one more way the turtle has brought magic into our lives. He's brought Christmas back into our home.

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