Wednesday, December 29, 2010

cloth diapering update

Yesterday's post was about breastfeeding, so I thought it only appropriate that today's post be about cloth diapering. For some reason, I see these two activities going hand in hand - both contributing, I hope, to a greener and more cost-conscious lifestyle.

So yes, we're still cloth diapering. We haven't gone "all the way", we still use a paper diaper at night and when we're "on the road." Those decisions were more about convenience than anything. A paper diaper quite frankly keeps our little one drier at night, meaning in most circumstances a longer stretch of sleep. And, even at my best and most patient, I'm not up for carrying a soiled diaper around town.

That said, cloth diapering has been much easier than I anticipated. As mentioned in previous posts, I contibute the ease to the class we took at Metro Minis on the Upper East Side. Without knowing the tricks of the trade, we might have very well become frustrated early on. But we have a system and it works. I would suppose the only serious downside is the excess laundry - which I suppose would be easier should we have a washer and dryer on site. I can't imagine how nice it would be to throw in a load of wash every night---which I know isn't great for the environment, but would be a wonderful option. Truth is we stay on top of the diaper laundry, doing the wash at least a couple times a week. But because we're laundering the turtle's things so often, I find that Chris' and my laundry tends to pile up. It usually takes one of us running low on underthings, to kick us into gear.

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